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Alfred Cheney Johnston & The Ziegfeld Girls



This site is no longer being updated. It has been moved to:

Alfred Cheney Johnston Photos & The Ziegfeld Girls

This is the text portion of my site for listing names only. All photos and media are kept on my Historical Ziegfeld site. Pics, including many large size Alfred Cheney Johnston photos, Ziegfeld Stars by other photographers, historical Ziegfeld Follies pics, NY Times and other pictorial clippings including those by ACJ, Costume Designs and Costume Designs from other shows of the era, Ziegfeld Follies, Frolics and other Ziegfeld theatre programs, music of the Follies and other Ziegfeld shows, videos, and much more are all kept there.

What's This Site For?

1. To give correct names or correct spelling of names for Alfred Cheney Johnston Ziegfeld performers, film stars, and models and of Ziegfeld performers by other photographers. I have started adding performers for whom I do not have images from theatre programs (available free on my Historical Ziegfeld site) to provide a more complete name database.

2. To aid in identifying which Alfred Cheney Johnston photos are of people who performed in Ziegfeld productions and which are of people who did not.

3. To provide a list of pics of whom I have photos of by Alfred Cheney Johnston and which Ziegfeld performers I also have photos of by other photographers.

4. To provide research aids for those looking for info on relatives with Ziegfeld pasts.

Not all info on Ziegfeld performers is verifiable or complete. Proceed at your own risk.

Who Was Alfred Cheney Johnston?

Alfred Cheney Johnston (April 8, 1885 - 1971) Biography courtesy of Robert Hudovernik, author of Jazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston: Alfred Cheney Johnston: Ziegfeld Follies' Lost Photographer.

What Were The Ziegfeld Follies?

Florenz Ziegfeld (March 21, 1869 - July 22, 1932): Florenz Ziegfeld's Biography & Comprehensive Info on the Follies and Other Ziegfeld Productions: Florenz Ziegfeld 101

How Can I Find Info On My Great Grandmother Who I Think Was A Follies Girl?

Unfortunately, many of the girls who worked in the Follies (and there were many) were never listed on theater programs (worked as chorines or in road shows) or didn't keep mementos or did and they got lost over time. Some used stage names. Much of the history of the Ziegfeld's and other early Broadway has been lost to natural and unnatural disasters. Keep this in mind when you begin your search. You are not alone! There are many many people interested in these girls and these shows! If you need help, our little group will help as much as possible but we typically only have the same online resources as you do. We do have loads of stashed pics though and a few contacts.

Here are some great resources to start with:

1. Internet Broadway Database ( Please note that their database is excellent but incomplete so some people who might have performed in Ziegfeld productions do not yet show up there. Paulette Goddard is a good example. Search full name, by last name only, by first name only, by maiden name, etc as well.

2. Florenz Ziegfeld Collection Housed at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Austin, TX. This gives a list of what they have but if you don't see what you're looking for then email them. I did that and after a month or so got an email and they had what I was looking for. Couldn't believe how cheap it was to get copies from them too when other places charge a fortune.

3. The NYPL Robert Baral Papers are in the Billy Rose Theatre Collection of The Performing Arts Center, NY Public Library, NYC (pdf format, needs Adobe Reader - free). They contain correspondence with Flo Ziegfeld and many photographs of Ziegfeld Girls. You can read the contents of the Robert Baral papers here and see what they have. You'll have to go through the whole document as the Ziegfeld items aren't in one place. Materials can only be viewed on the premises.

4. The Ziegfeld Club Located in NYC, The Ziegfeld Club was organized in 1936, under the aegis of Billie Burke (Mrs. Florenz Ziegfeld) and Bernard Sobel, one of Mr. Ziegfeld’s chief publicists. You can go through their archives (oh, to be back in NYC!) but call ahead and speak to Nils. One of the visitor's to the Historical Ziegfeld site went and said it was incredible!

5. New York Times Article Archive You can search the NY Times Newspaper Archive from the 1800s up to... oh maybe 1922 or so for free. Full articles! After you've looked at a certain number you must log in to continue. It's free to register. Use advanced search to narrow down your results.

6. Historic American Newspapers Archive (Library of Congress) You can search and view full pages from newspapers from 1880 to 1910 from the following states: California, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Texas, Utah, and Virginia for free.

7. Time Magazine Archive 1923 to the Present You can search names (use quotations) and view full articles containing the names or subjects here for free (although it may appear that you're only searching the magazine covers you will get to the articles).

8. U.S. News Archives on the Web A very well organized and extensive site of links to Newspaper Archive Sources on the Web with info about timelines and cost for each news site. Organized by state. Some of the newspaper achives are pay per article. Searches may be free.

9. Newspaper Archives/Indexes/Morgues This page has links to: Newspaper Archive Sources on the Web; US Newspaper Archives & Indexes (usually older, local, sometimes very specialized); and International Newspaper Archives. Some of the newspaper achives are pay per article. Searches may be free.

10. Social Security Death Index Interactive Search From Gunther, thank you! "It is the most important, most reliable and most complete database for ascertaining almost everyone's birth and death dates, provided death occurred in 1964 or later and the person had a Social Security Card/Number. Of course, it helps to know or suspect the person's last name at time of death - which can be iffy with the female gender, or made-up artist names where real names are not known."

11. Don't forget to Google!

12. Look through the Ziegfeld Theater Programs on my Historical Ziegfeld site. I add more as I get them or as they're donated. Donations of scanned cast pages very much appreciated!!! Please email me if you'd like to donate. Here's what available on the site:

Ziegfeld Midnight Frolics of April 27, 1915 (The Evening Mail), November 1917, July 1918 (partial), and April 1921.

Ziegfeld Follies-Frolic Ball of 1918 (combined Follies-Midnight Frolic of 1917)

Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Revue (Sept 1919)

Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Revue (aka Ziegfeld Girls of 1920) (March 8, 1920)

Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock & Midnight Frolics (May 31, 1920)

Ziegfeld Follies of 1908, 1909 (New Bedford Theatre, Massachusetts), 1912 (Chicago and Washington D.C.), 1914, 1915, 1918, 1918 (Winter Edition), 1919, 1920, 1922 (July 31 and August 14), 1923 (Summer Edition), 1924, 1925 (Oct 25, 1926, Forrest Theatre, PA), and 1931.

The French Maid (1898 & 1899)

Miss Innocence (1909)

M'lle Innocence (1912)

The Century Girl (1916)

Miss 1917 (1917)

By Pigeon Post (1918)

Sally (1922) Kid Boots (March 30, 1925, Colonial Theatre, Boston)

Louie the 14th (November 28, 1925, Cosmopolitan Theatre)

Louie the 14th (March 14, 1926, Illinois Theatre, Chicago)

Rio Rita (1927, New Amsterdam Theatre, NYC) and (1927, Lyric Theatre, NYC)

Rosalie (1928)

Show Boat (1928)

Show Girl (July 15, 1929 with Ruby Keeler) and (August 19, 1929 with Dorothy Stone)

Whoopee (Dec 24, 1928)

Whoopee (Feb 25, 1929)

Show Boat (1932)


Robert Hudovernik's Site: Alfred Cheney Johston, Ziegfeld Follies' Lost Photographer:

Make sure to sign up for Bob's always interesting and fun newsletter on his Alfred Cheney Johnston website. It's my great pleasure and honor to have him as a friend and mentor. I expected him to be some uppity author hahaha but no! He's such a friendly, funny, accessible guy. If you don't have his book, you must get it! Read it straight through! And the images... just lovely!.

Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans Website:

Many Alfred Cheney Johnston photos are available on the wonderful Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website. I've added links on these pages to the images of the Stars pics. For the unnamed images, visit his Ziegfeld Girls Gallery. John Barrymore Pics by Alfred Cheney Johnston: Dr. Macro's Annex (Don Juan 01 & 02 & pic 02).

Do be aware that these have been stolen by many eBay sellers. Thou shalt not take what's given for free and sell for profit.


If you have an image you have a question about please get in touch. If you are a relative of a Ziegfeld girl, please do write! Additions? Corrections? Comments? Other questions? Then email me. Please give me a few days to reply, thanks.

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