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Alfred Cheney Johnston & The Ziegfeld Girls




December 7, 2008:

1. Added Alice Swain (aka Miss Swayne), Catherine Calvert, Christine Maple, Consuelo Bailey, Dolores Rouse (aka Dolores Rousse), Doris Lloyd, Eleanor Dawn, Ethel Dale, Frances Lee, Gertrude McCoy, Grace Jones, Hazel Jennings, Helen Eby (aka Helen Eby-Rock), Iris Adrian, Leonore Baron (aka Miss Baron), Margalo Gillmore, Margaret Clayton, Marie Ahern, Marjorie Whittington (aka Miss Whittington), and Polly Nally.

2. Updated info for Albertine Marlowe, Allyn King, Alta King, Avonne Taylor, Beatrice Dakin, Billie Dove, Cameron Sisters, Claire Dodd, Dolores, Eleanor (Eleanore) Dell, Fanny Brice, Gladys Loftus, Irene Barker, Irene Marcellus, Jessie Reed, Kathryn Perry, Lillian Lorraine, Marcelle Earle, Margaret Walsh, Martha Pierre, Mary Hay, Olive Osborne, Nellie Donegan (thanks to grapefruitmoongallery and the Circus History message board!), Peggy Eleanore, Sybil Carmen, and Vanda Hoff.

3. Corrected links for Alexandra Carlisle.

November 15, 2008:

1. Added Alene Allison, Arline Chase, Beatrice Milner, Betty Burns, Billy Joyce, Dorothy Haver (aka Dorothy Havre), Edythe Baker, Eileen Colby (Colbey), Florence Gast, Helen Lomp, Irene Wilson, Kathleen Mullane, Kathlene Martyn, Lillian Woods, Lucy Smith, Martha Enderton, Mildred Sinclair, Norma Fontaine, Peggy Brady, Vie Quinn (Viola Quinn), Miss Adelphi, Miss O'Rourke, and Miss Weston.

2. Corrected Colette Ryan to Carletta Ryan and updated her info. Corrected Perle Gismonde to Perle Germond (aka Perle Germonde) and updated her info. Added (aka Lillian MacKenzie) for Lillian McKenzie and added another ibdb link for her and updated her info.

3. Updated info for Addie Rolf, Albertine Marlowe, Allyn King, Annette Bade, Alta King, Beatrice Savage, Betty Morton, Bird Millman, Diana Dore, Dolores, Edna French, Eleanor Dell (aka Eleanore Dell), Ethel Hallor, Florence Moore, Gladys Loftus, Hebe Halpin (aka Hebee Halpin, Hebee Halpen), Helen Ellsworth, Irene Marcellus, Jessie Reed, Kathlyn Ardelle (aka Kathlene Ardelle), Kathryn Perry, Lillian Lorraine, Lillian McKenzie (aka Lilian McKenzie), Marcelle Earle, Marguerite Falconer (aka Margaret Falconer), Marie Stafford (aka Louise Stafford), Martha Pierre, Olive Osborne, Pearl Eaton, Peggy Shaw, Phoebe Lee, Vangie Valentine, and Virginia Bell.

November 13, 2008:

1. Added: Billy Wagner, Bobby Storey (aka Bobby Story, Bobbie Storey), Claire Nagle, Ernestine Myers, and Mary Milburn.

2. Updated info for Drucilla Strain (thank you, Mary!) and Mauresette.

November 07, 2008:

1. Added: Alexandra Carlisle, Blanche Parks, Charlotte Rutledge, Connie Murone, Dorothy Follis (aka Dorothy Follies), Dottie Wang, Fay Celeste, Helen Wehrle, Marie Sewell, Marie Stafford (aka Louise Stafford), Pauline Leland, Phoebe Lee, Renita Johnson, Rosie Quinn, Ruth Findlay, and Sybil Stokes.

2. Updated info for: Agnes Franey, Alice Brady, Eva Brady and Eva Grady (thanks, Vlad!), and Flo Hart.

October 25, 2008:

1. Added: Flora Revalles; Helen Falconer, Jane Cowl, and Wanda Lyon (aka Wanda Lyons).

2. Updated info for: Edna French and Doris Rankin.

October 20, 2008:

1. Added: Anglin, Margaret; Bradley, Vera; Brady, Kathryn; Brewster, Kathryn; Buckeridge, Gladys; Butlin, Joan; Carlyle; Beatrice; Day, Sylvia; Desha; Dixon, Florence; Dodge, Marion; Eberts, Jane; Hall, Pauline; Fair, Joyce; Gleason, Jill (aka Miss Gleason); Halpin, Hebee (aka Halpin, Hebe); Heming, Violet; Jepson, Agnes; Lasher, Marie; Leonard, Patricia; Lubetty, Madeline; Merrill, Blanche; Millman, Bird; Moore, Florence; Morton, Betty; Smith, Hazel; Stanley, Jet (aka Miss Stanley); Valentine, Vangie; Miss Allen; Miss Walsh; Miss Wellor; Miss Shaw.

2. Updated info for: Beverly, Marjorie; Brooks, May; Cassidy, Marjorie; D'Herlys, Simone; Dakin, Beatrice; De Witt, Daisy; Dell, Eleanor; Dolores; Drange, Emily; Earle, Marcelle; Ellsworth, Helen; Falconer, Marguerite; Hall, Pauline; Johnson, Amelia; Loftus, Gladys; Lorraine, Alice; Mansfield, Martha; Palmer, Bee; Wallace, Marie; Ware, Florence; and Worth, Allison.

October 11, 2008:

1. Added biographical info for Jessie Reed from her step-grandson Brooks Peters, thank you! Jessie Reed is usually confused with another Jessie Reed who was performing at the same time and Brooks sets the record straight!

October 9, 2008:

1. Added: Allen, Mabel; Harris, Ruth; Harting, Olga; Hettler, Edna; Howard, Anna; Kay, Mildred (aka Kaye, Mildred); Kern, Florence; Lorraine, Lola (aka Lorraine, Lolo); Mason, Adelaide; May, Mildred; Scarlet, Lillian; Wagner, Alice; Wallace, Nancy; Whitney, Edith; Wilkins, Billie (aka Wilkins, Billy); and Worth, Allison.

2. Updated info for: Beverly, Marjorie; Carmen, Sybil; Cassidy, Marjorie; Dietz, Sylvia; Fears, Peggy; Ferry, Mabel; Hale, Betty; Martin, Muriel; Mooney, Gypsey; Roland, Mildred; Slater, Gladys; St. Clair, Margaret; Turner, Alberta; and Van Ryker, Alice.

3. Added three new Research Tool links on main page (#'s 8-10) and updated scope of Research Tool link #6. That database has added 35,000 more newspapers to include the state of Minnesota and increased it's timeline to go back to 1880 (was 1890).

October 5, 2008:

1. Added: Accent, Yvonne; Barker, Irene; Brown, Louise; Burke, A.; Carroll, Kae; Chapin, Marjorie; Franklin, Irene; Gilbert, Dolly; Herendeen, Helen; Miss Herms (possibly Helen); Kimari, Lily; Krosby, Kathleen; Leeds, Florence (aka Leeds, Flo and Lawlor, Florence); Martinot, Sadie; Mehaffey, Blanche; Miss Adair (possibly Avis); Miss Dale; Miss Grace; Miss LaMay; Miss Smith; Miss Wayne; Olsen (possibly Blanche or Hilda); Penman, Kathryn (aka Penman, Katherine); O'Rourke, Billy; Walker, Miss G.; and Wood, Ella Hugh; Yvonne & Janesko.

2. Renamed: Fisher, Billie to Fisher, Mildred "Billie" and updated her info.

3. Updated info for Baade, Mabel; Behrens, Elsie; Covey, Edna; Darby, Myrna; English, Kay; Glad, Gladys; Goddard, Paulette; Joyce, Alice; Joyce, Peggy Hopkins; Luce, Claire; Lunnay, Mildred; Martyn, Kathlene; Mary Jane; McKenzie, Constance; Satchell, Blanche; Strasmick, Marion Roberts; Walker, Polly; Wegman, Dorothy; and Williams.

4. Added theatre programs for the Ziegfeld Follies of 1925, October 25, 1926, Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia and for Whoopee, December 24, 1928, New Amsterdam Theatre to my Historical Ziegfeld site and to the list on the main page of this site. The link can be found there.